All software eventually becomes legacy code. Technologies become obsolete and no longer support modern development. Code bases become unwieldy and no longer support current business needs. Business needs shift and software doesn't always keep up. You wonder if the software is causing more problems than it creates.

Many applications can be modernized without undergoing an entire rewrite from scratch. Through large-scale refactoring, and technology upgrades, applications can pivot from liability to asset.

Technology Upgrades

From WebForms to MVC, Excel and Access to browser-based applications, updating to newer technology versions, we can bring your custom software back from the dead.

Language Conversion

As technologies change, so do the languages that support them. We offer code conversion services including VBScript, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Coldfusion, PHP, and more.


Using design principles like SOLID, we perform large-scale code refactorings to improve code quality, mitigate application risk, and reduce future development time and cost.