Platinum Bay is your trusted long-term technical partner, providing technical leadership to help your organization become more efficient, reduce operating costs, and spend less time maintaining and more time innovating. Maintainability is hard - it takes rigor and process - and most organizations spend 50-75% of their time maintaining software assets due to a lack of maintainability. But if you don't innovate, you don't stay relevant.

Concierge CTO Services

Not all businesses require a full-time CTO. Our retainer-based Concierge CTO service brings the talent and guidance of Platinum Bay Technologies as your trusted technical partner. We help maximize your backoffice operations and development processes, and avoid potential technology decision pitfalls.

Technical Leadership Offerings

Clean Code

Clean code is maintainable code. We offer guidance and refactoring services to lower cognitive processing cost and increase efficiency.

Development Processes

Make sure your development processes are working for your business, not fighting it with our process optimization services.


Not sure where your development processes stand? Get an assessment from Platinum Bay to find and reduce your technical debt.


Users today are more aware of privacy than ever before. Head off costly negative press by ensuring your software systems are optimized for privacy and compliance.


Security is a paramount concern in modern technology. Our static security analysis, secure code review, and security optimization services ensure you stay on the leading edge.


Ensure your software and systems meet HIPPA, SOX, MILSPEC, and more in your industry and avoid costly regulatory non-compliance penalties.