Expert People. Expert Solutions. Social Good.

We are a software company founded with the mission to make a large-scale, impactful difference in the Autism community, in a big way! To do that requires new ways of thinking about hiring, workplace accommodation, business models, partnerships, and every other facet of our far-reaching endeavors. Platinum Bay is big ideas and bold ambition, a vision to create significant and measurable life-changing impact in the Autism world. In everything we do, we have two overarching goals:

  1. To empower Autistic people to find their own personal success
  2. To erase the stigma of Autism

Mission Statement

To develop high quality, competitively-priced, custom business software solutions and provide world-class technology leadership for our customers while providing safe and rewarding careers for Autistic employees through our supportive workplace.


[fer pur-puh s]
  1. a for-profit business or institution initiated or operated for the sole purpose of making a significant social impact:
    for-purpose company

Platinum Bay Technologies is a social enterprise and For-Purpose company – a first-of-its-kind hybrid business model designed for maximum social impact. As a registered California Social Purpose Corporation, we have for-profit operations allowing us to implement large-scale sales and marketing campaigns and hire the top leadership talent every company needs to realize their full potential. This allows us to realize and achieve a level of impact that would be impossible as a non-profit. And we have big goals, including the completion and launch of an enterprise class business data management platform within the first two years.

To make our impact, we have also adopted a non-profit financial model. We have no shareholders and our owners take no profit. All profit is used to make our company stronger in pursuit of our mission. In addition, a portion of net profit is set aside to create and endow a corporate non-operating (grant writing) foundation to help fill the many gaps in the Autism support ecosystem.

Our projections estimate that by year five, 77.9% of gross revenue will go to salaries and benefits for Autistic individuals and the Foundation.

Workplace Accommodation

Our people are the best and the brightest – possessing high intellectual capabilities, intense focus, attention to detail, out-of-the-box problem solving – but they are faced with many challenges in the traditional workplace. Our workplace has been designed to remove the barriers to successful employment for Autistic individuals, including those who are non-verbal.

We have a unique hiring and interview process. We’re not hiring professional resume writers – resumes are not required. And we’re not hiring professional interviewers either for that matter – interviews are a casual and purposeful chat.

Our entire culture has been built around the idea that employees are most productive and engaged when they are given the freedom to choose their own work and an environment tailored to their needs. We advocate remote work and the freedom to set your own schedule. Whether it’s at the local library or coffee shop surrounded by others, or in the comforts of your own home, we believe that if you are able to work efficiently and deliver consistent results, then you should be able to choose a way to do so that fits your needs. Empowered and motivated employees enjoy their jobs and are willing to expand beyond their normal duties. Platinum Bay relies on values such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose to motivate gifted Autistic employees, and to keep them engaged in meaningful, productive work.

We have high standards and expectations at Platinum Bay. We expect our teams and managers to effectively coordinate tasks and be in constant communication using the latest technologies. Emphasis on transparency and effective management practices are of primary importance within our teams. Given the freedom to work remotely, project managers are focused on developing specific, measurable goals and outcomes, consistent, effective communication, and continuous development of technical and non-technical skills.

In addition to our unique interviewing and hiring processes, we also provide plenty of opportunities for growth and support from staff to assist employees transition and adapt to changes within and away from the workplace. We value and respect every person’s individual needs, and we are there with them each step of the way to help them succeed.

Here at Platinum Bay, we are invested in helping all of our employees grow and succeed not just in their workplace, but also in their daily lives. We understand that there is more to a job than salaries and benefits. Aside from removing barriers to successful employment, we aim to keep our employees happy, loyal, and engaged in meaningful work. We do so in hopes that they may uncover their own unique skills and potential, as well as find their own path to success and lifelong happiness

We invite you to join us.


Big goals require big accountability and we are re-inventing accountability and transparency. Every year we publish annual financial transparency reports, right here on our website. No, not those 990 reports. We find the IRS 990 to be incredibly difficult to read, and you probably do too. We’ve reimagined financial reporting with nothing to hide.

Annual Reports

2015 Annual Report (355 KB)