Platinum Bay is a culmination of almost two decades of integration and automation experience for small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses alike.

Too often, between the decision that someone needs software to do X, and delivering software that does X to the user, software makers tend to forget all about the user. Sure, the software does X, but it requires extensive training, is error prone and fragile, and at the end of the day you question if it actually brought value or just more problems.

Existing integration and automation solutions are hard to use, require extensive training, and can often break budgets. Companies that opt to build home-grown solutions often become quickly aware of the dangers of reinventing the same solutions without learning from other's mistakes. And when existing solutions break? It can often be very difficult to discover why and resolve the problems.

At Platinum Bay, we believe technology should be simple, intuitive, and empower your business to drive change, drive efficiency, and drive innovation. If you're tired of dealing with high cost, low flexibility, and fragile integration and automation products, we invite you to discover the Platinum Bay difference. Our roster includes former Microsoft employees, current Microsoft MVPs, and former Microsoft MVPs. Leverage our decades of experience in automation, integration and custom business software development to not only increase your business agility, but create positive change.

Platinum Bay. Software for the human experience.

Company Information

Founded: 2015 Headquarters: Irvine, California President & CEO: Steve Andrews